Thank heaven for the anarchy 

Nov. 9, 2002

Thank goodn ess for those determined anarchists 
("Local anarchists unite to build 'freer 
society,' " Tuesday).

I have seen them many times distributing food 
and clothes to the homeless in my son's neighborhood 
and fighting police brutality and racism by 
videotaping the police on their cop-watch 
patrols in Tempe.

In an era in which our political and financial 
institutions are increasingly being
revealed as corrupt tools of the wealthy, it 
is great to see good-hearted folks like
the anarchists fighting for a better world for 

Their dedication to a world based on cooperation and 
equality, free of the violence and corruption of 
government and capitalism, is a breath of fresh air. It
has inspired me to look more into anarchism. Keep 
up the good work! 

Alex Goldman

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